llanmelin wood hillfort
February 10, 2020

There are many legendary locations around the world that people have sought after for hundreds, or even thousands, of years. One of the most famous of these locations is Camelot, Arthur’s grand city, often presented as the capital of his kingdom. There are numerous theories as to where this grand city really was, if it…

Clive owen king arthur as a roman
January 27, 2020

In some portrayals of the Arthurian legends, such as the 2004 film King Arthur, the eponymous war leader is depicted as a Roman officer. Generally, this is held to be more accurate than simply making him a native chieftain or king. However, is this actually a plausible concept, or is it just adding another inaccuracy to the tales? Reasons He…

Cadbury Castle, the possible real location of Camelot
November 4, 2019

There is no location more firmly associated with King Arthur in popular media today than Camelot. This was his famous capital city, usually depicted as a grand castle or walled settlement. But surprisingly, for a place that is so intimately connected with Arthur, scholars regularly state that it never existed at all. What is the…

one of the swords upon which the legend may have been based
October 7, 2019

One of the most instantly recognizable elements from the Arthurian legends is the Sword in the Stone. It has appeared in countless forms of media, and is popularly considered a fundamental part of the story of King Arthur. After all, it is what led to Arthur becoming king in the first place, so without it,…

Was King Arthur Welsh
June 24, 2019

In some casual commentaries on King Arthur, we sometimes encounter the statement that he ‘defended the English from the Anglo-Saxons’. Of course, such a statement is deeply flawed, because the Anglo-Saxons were the nation from which the English developed. The very word ‘English’ is rooted in the word ‘Angle’. So in other words, the English…

was king arthur real?
June 3, 2019

Perhaps the single most fundamental and important question a person could ask about Arthur is, Did he exist? This is the foundation on which all other questions about the man are constructed (such as ‘Who was his wife?’, ‘Where did he live?’, ‘Did he have descendants?’). There is no universal consensus on this issue, but…

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