Review: Merlin 1.01 – The Dragon’s Call

Salutations, my Lords and Ladies, you have come to the right place. Here you will learn all about this great new interpretation of the legends of Merlin.  This is the series where we will be watching and reviewing every episode of Merlin, the modern reinvention of the old myths.

Episode one: The Dragon’s Call Summary

We take our journey with a young man, together we walk through the countryside, jointly we see a City rise in front of our eyes. Walking into the city we learn that it is none other than the great city of Camelot.

 Inside the city a young man a little older than the boy we have been traveling with is being killed for using magic, we find out that magic is against the law which has been going on for 20 years.  Of course, the mother of this boy who has been killed is going to use magic to get her revenge. So, if you want to look at it from this light yes, the King is right about magic and wants all of us to feel the same as he.

Now this young man is looking for the court physician. Upon finding Gaius this boy uses sorcery without words. At last the boy says his name. Merlin! At last, we gain a quick glimpse of how powerful a wizard Merlin is. Gaius who knows many things finds it impossible that Merlin was born with magic. After reading the heartfelt words that Merlin’s mother wrote to Gaius, he decides to do as she wishes to do his best to guide and protect Merin.  At this moment all Merlin wants to know is how does he have magic, what will he become with this power.

 The beautiful Morgan le Fay has a heart filled with sadness as she watched from her window. She doesn’t seem to understand why the King did or that there is to be a feast to celebrate. She is brave as she speaks to Uther with the truth. However, Uther is very set in his ways and even the wisdom of Morgan le Fay will not keep him from doing what he feels is right.

We are now taken to the tent of the famous singer who is killed and the mother who lost her son, takes the singers place to continue her revenge against the King.

A voice from nowhere is calling out Merlin’s name. Gaius being a man of science give tests to Merlin we know can see the surprise for there were now words used to stop the water in midair.

 A knight is being a jerk to one of the servants Merlin puts an end to it by stepping up and saying something to the knight. This is Arthurs first introduction to Merlin.  The two boys seem to hate each other because they don’t get along. So, Merlin gets put into prison. Gaius gets him out of prison.

The sweet humble Guinevere is Lady Morgan le Fay’s maid. She comes to tell Merlin that she thought he was very brave. Merlin tells her that he could beat Arthur if he wanted, Guinevere doesn’t believe him.

 The King Uther talked about the first time he came to Camelot. He saw that magic was being used for evil and he made it his mission to a stop to it. The reason he became king was that all dragons were dead save one that he captured.

Arthur and Merlin again meet. Arthur finds joy in how Merlin talks to him. Perhaps, it is because no one has dared do that before. They start a fight once again this time Merlin uses his magic. Arthur feels connected toMerlin somehow.

Not being able to use his magic the feelings of loss and wanting to know who he is and what is his destiny hasMerlin really upset. At last he goes to find out who this voice belongs to. Going deep into the dark caverns, the Last of the Great Dragons Kilgarah waits. Now Merlin is told of his future and that he is to help Arthur. Merlindoesn’t want this destiny, and who could blame him? Arthur is someone who needs a lot of help and right now seems like there is no hope. Yet, Arthur is the Once a Future King the is destiny to bring Albion and Merlin is destined to help.

Merlin has now Morgan la Fay who he thinks is the most beautiful girl in the world. At the feast we also see that Arthur can see her beauty.

 The mother’s revenge at last has begun with her singing. She starts to sing and time seems to speed up. Cobwebs start to grow as everyone falls into a deep sleep. Merlin sees this and closes his hears. As he watches the singer walks her eyes are fixed on Arthur as she continues to sing, she pulls the dagger and is about to throw it when Merlin uses magic to stop her from singing, the spell is broken the court wake to find they are covered in webs. She takes the dagger for on last shot at Arthur. Merlin jumps into action slow motion he grabs Arthur out of the way. Arthur is shocked that Merlin saved his life.

 The King gives Merlin the reward in the role house by being Arthurs manservant. Which is a huge honor yet neither of the boys wanted it. Gaius gives Merlin his first book about magic which is to help Merlin learn more about magic and how to use it. Merlin is now ready for whatever comes next. Or is he? Come back for the next episode if you dare…

Filming Locations

For information about the places that were filmed. The beautiful location that was chosen for the filming of the first series of Merlin was Château de Pierrefonds  which is a beautiful castle and The Barons Hall and Garden Tower at Penshurst Place . Other parts where done in Wales and France.

More on the Plot

The first episode of Merlin is called The Dragon’s Call. The title already has you on edge of your seat. The plot starts with learning that Merlin is born with magic this has never in the history of magic happened. Gaius the court physician knows a lot and yet he didn’t know what Merlin should do or why he has the gifts that he has.Merlin is having all sorts of questions. He thought that being in Camelot he would finally get some answers. Now you probably wondering where’s Arthur? Don’t you worry. The great Arthur is still in this show. You can’t have Merlin without Arthur.

Arthur is the young spoiled prince of Camelot who has been going around and being a bully. Until Merlin speaks up and fights Arthur. This of course has consequences because Arthur is still a prince and Merlin is a commoner. Oh, by the way the great city of Camelot is celebrating the twenty-year anniversary of peace since King Uther Pendragon banished or killed all those who practiced magic.

To set off the celebrations he chops off a young warlock’s head causing his mother to call for justness. A tooth of a tooth you might say. So, we go around meeting all of the characters that we have read stories about and have grown to love. You see them still very young and not sure of themselves or what they truly stand for. Except for Uther. He hates magic and doesn’t listen to anyone who he considers doesn’t matter. No wonder Arthur is such a “Dallop Head”. Alright your reading this and think will Merlin find out what makes him so amazing? Yes, my friends he does.

The Last Great Dragon Kilgarah tells Merlin that his destiny is to help Arthur become the greatest King the world has ever known. To bring Albion. For those of you how don’t know Albion is a really old name for Great Britain. Merlin is really unhappy about this and does away upset. Until the feast where he uses his magic to save Arthurs life for the poor mother’s dagger and is given the title of Arthurs manservant which is a fantastic position to be in for the medieval times.

Characters in order of appearance:

  • Merlin: Colin Morgan
  • Uther Pendragon (King): Anthony Head
  • Gaius: Richard Wilson
  • Morgan le Fay: Katie McGrath
  • Prince (King) Arthur: Bradly James
  • Guinevere: Angel Coulby
  • Kilgarah (dragon): John Hurt

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