Review: Merlin 1.04 – The Poisoned Chalice


Nimueh is mixing up trouble once more with creating the poisoned chalice for Merlin. A great feast is being prepared in honor of King Uther and Lord Bayard unity which begins at this feast. In the company of Lord Bayard Nimueh disguises herself as one of the maid servants so that she can get closer to Merlin. Which she pulls off very well. In this disguise she is able to watch as Merlin takes the cup from Arthur and drinks it himself. Which we all know is poisoned.

Now to Arthur who is the one who was supposed to drink the cup as a sign of good faith. He really does take every opportunity to find joy when he can. Even if it means that Merlin must be wearing the official ceremonial robes of the servants of Camelot.

Now the moment has arrived for Nimueh to finish her plan by telling Merlin that the cup is poisoned. He takes the info and starts to create the claim that it is Poisoned which Bayard will not stand for and Uther will hear Merlin out.

Can Merlin be saved? You bet he can! Arthur will not take no for an answer and rides away to find the flower to save not his servant…. But his friend’s life. After a chat with King Uther and Morgana he takes off.

Guise is the first to realize that everything has been caused by Nimueh and of course she’s no longer in Camelot.

She is with Arthur leading him into a trap which even with a fever Merlin is using magic to not save his life but to guide Arthur. She leaves him and Merlin takes over by creating a ball of light so that Arthur can see. With trust in his heart Arthur gives the flower to his father only to watch it be smashes it yet it still works. For Guinevere risks her own life to go and get it from Arthur. Gaius  has magic people! It is about time we learn more about Gaius like that he is keeping this secret from not just everyone but Merlin!

Also, the moment you’ve all been waiting for Guinevere kisses Merlin. I know it’s a little weird. Why wouldn’t she? Everyone thought he was dead! Merlin is very much alive and back to being a young man who is happy to be kissed.


Merlin talks with Nimueh who named herself Kara about the cup. He stays focused like a man who has a destiny, Kara keeps talking about fear and how Bayard isn’t a friend to Camelot. He does his best to keep her calm but to stay with the problem at hand. This shows Merlin can be easy to talk to and yet that when there is a fire, he’s the one who you want to keep you calm as you leave the building. Nimueh starts to smile once again as Merlin leaves. Which shows his loyalty to Arthur? Uther does not care if Merlin lives or dies. After all what is the life of a servant? Arthur is not pleased with this and tries to stop all of this from happening. Guies, Guinevere and Arthur rush to his side. This is friendship and love.

Lets talk about Arthur for a moment. He started out playing around being board all the time but then when he meets Merlin starts to change. He will risk his own life no matter what to save the life of a servant. Yet he still needs help to do what he knows in his heart is the right thing. You see his determination to finish the job. No matter what he just wants the job done and Merlin alive.  I love seeing how Merlin does all he can even at deaths door to try and help Arthur.

Design and Setting

Episode four every first time we see the knights from both kingdoms they are in distinguished with red flowing capes and the blue capes. This was pleasant for the eyes to see two very different sides meeting. Having blue and red will help the audience know when each side is talking.

The sword fighting that goes between Arthur and the beast is wonderful to watch. The ball of light that Merlin creates is beautiful. To see something glow makes it look real and magical at the same time. With each episode I can see that those who are in charge of design and setting of this show are getting better. Even the spiders that were created for this are really well done.


Nimueh played by Michell Ryan does a great job with being a High Priestess then turning herself into lowly servant then into a damsel in distress. Her skills as an actress is magnificent. To watch her play Kara until it served her purpose is my favorite part of this episode. Now she is a damsel in distress. When she meets those, who need a particular face to save. Michell is the one for the job. I haven’t seen her in other movies or shows but if she is as good as she is in the episodes of BBC Merlin then it will be a good show. Okay now for the joke in this show! When Guinevere and Gaius hug and Merlin wakes up talk about acting!


BBC Merlin is a family friendly TV show that is clean for anyone who watches. In this episode you get a glimpse into the history of the place that this show is trying to portray. Which also helps for families to help their kids to see how to treat others. Especially friends. We need to know who to treat others with kindness to the point of adventure no matter the dangers. We need more shows like that.

Characters in order of their appearance

Nimueh- Michell Ryan

Merlin- Colin Morgan

Arthur-Bradly James

Uther Pendragon-Anthony Head

Gaius-Richard Wilson

Guinevere-Angel Coulby

Morgana-Katie McGrath

Kilgharrah-John Hurt

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